For once, the product name is spot-on: At less than 14 ounces total weight with batteries , the printer is light enough to carry everywhere you go. However, its mechanism is closely related to that of a till roll printer, and the quality of the output reflects that. It’s all very well being a ‘road warrior’ with the latest, sleekest laptop — but if you have to scribble out notes on the back of an envelope, something of the shine has gone. The printer comes with a roll of paper which loads internally and has about 8 feet of paper which can be torn to length after printing.

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Purchase Order Why Us. There are no ribbons or cartridges to sipix a6. It comes with a velvet drawstring bag to protect it.

It’s the freshest tech news and opinion, served hot. No reviews are available for this product. For power, the printer uses four AA alkaline, rechargeable batteries or the sipix a6 AC adapter.

Sipix A6 with Bluetooth SMART

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Because the paper is thermal, it does need to stay away from a direct heat source. You can print wirelessly from your Palm Sipix a6 or laptop, or use the included serial cable.

The same goes for Windows, which also allows graphics — although fitting the screen image onto the A6 page while retaining readability and recognisable pictures is not so easy. For once, the product name is sipix a6 The SiPix Pocket Sipix a6 A6 is ideal for road warriors, gadget enthusiasts and field consultants that need to have hard-copy print outs of information. You don’t even need to carry the included serial cable if you can rely on the Sipix a6 driver supplied for your Palm OS device.

Review – SiPix Pocket Printer A6

Fujitsu Lifebook U First Take: An AC power adapter is also included, but I haven’t needed to use it yet. The A6’s roll paper keeps the paper in a pretty tight scroll form, but after flattening sipix a6 a bit and checking my ID, I was on my way through X-ray.

sipix a6

Rugged Android tablet built for business in the field. Write Sipix a6 Own Reviews. A solid business workhorse with all-day battery life. The Pocket Printer is small and light see specs below and easily fits into a laptop bag. The energy-saving feature saves power by automatically shutting off the printer after three minutes of nonuse.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 review: This doesn’t say much about sipix a6 security, but loads about the quality and coolness factor of this portable “must have.

SiPix Pocket Printer A6

sipix a6 Print directly to the printer without using cables. For non-infrared-enabled computers, a serial port is also included. A premium lightweight ultraportable.

At less than 14 ounces total weight with batteriesthe printer is sipix a6 enough to carry everywhere you go. However, its mechanism is closely related to that of a till roll printer, and the quality of the output reflects that. The batteries don’t last very long: Providing maximum portability and ease of use, the Pocket Printer A6 uses continuous-feed paper or single sheets.

Hands-on with the Chuwi Hi9 Air: The print out is crisp and clear. sipix a6

The sipi is available at Staples or online at Amazon. Mobility Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 review: Fast sipix a6 and good battery life. Buy it at Amazon. A roll of SiPix high-quality paper is included with each printer.