I mentioned earlier that the M40 utilizes Face Recognition AF, which speeds up the process of getting a good exposure and focus in portraits by zeroing in on faces. You may also like. Green mode is essentially like a full Auto mode on other digital cameras, where the camera does all of your thinking for you. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. The Pentax Optio M40 captures good-looking images, with generally high resolution and good detail.

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Exposure and color are generally good, and the camera handles a range of lighting conditions well. The Optio M40 features a pentax optio m40 brushed aluminum alloy and chrome body which feels and looks to be well built.

You can also record sound for short audio clips to accompany images, or longer audio recordings up to the length of the memory card space.

High chromatic aberration lens distortion in the corners Strong blurring in the corners from lens Higher than average image noise, even at the lower ISO settings Anti-noise processing trades away subtle subject detail at all ISO levels Increased noise pixels in Pentax optio m40 Shake Reduction mode actually reduce fine detail definition, though overall image is pentax optio m40 little brighter.

The Optio M40 performed well under most average conditions, producing good color and exposure, if a little contrasty at times.

Pentax Optio M40 digital camera

That said everything worked well but the camera looked very used. Images taken outdoors have a blue color cast, pentax optio m40 in tungsten light they take on a strong yellow cast. Photos with dull colors can be boring, photos with oversaturated colors can look unnatural, and photos with inaccurate colors can look ugly. But what about the pentax optio m40 quality?

There is also a 4X digital zoom capability, but no means to disable this petax. Slight blurring from this handheld shot in low lighting. Not terribly fast, but enough for most average conditions.

Unless the subject is stationary or nearly pentax optio m40, subsequent shots are likely to be less sharp and perhaps suffer from exposure problems as well. No, I thought not.

Overall color looks pretty good, though strong reds pentax optio m40 blues look a little oversaturated common among consumer optii cameras. I wonder if I could get away with copying my review of the M30 and just pentax optio m40 the features table? Can a digital camera be cute and sophisticated at the same time? It’s a timesaver that should be of interest to anyone who doesn’t really m4 to fuss around much with tweaking camera details. Top Pentax Cameras Pentax Z.

All cameras handle color differently, which is why we test color accuracy. On the rear panel are just a handful of buttons for frequently used settings.

The LCD monitor is pentax optio m40 2. Suitable for novices on up, m440 Optio M40 will most likely appeal to consumers because of its size, price, and resolution. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

PENTAX Pentax Optio M40 MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

The Pentax Optio M40 has a straightforward interface, pentax optio m40 only a few buttons on the camera’s rear panel. We test the Auto white balance setting as well as the appropriate white balance presets found in the White Balance pentax optio m40. Shutter lag was also just a little slow, so keep that in mind when aiming at moving subjects.

Purple fringing was present in high contrast boundary areas, although it became objectionable only under great enlargement. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below.

PENTAX Pentax Optio M40 8.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

While the camera definitely does digitally reduce the amount of blurring in low-light shots like the ones above, the ISO jump almost works against the action by increasing image noise, which in pentax optio m40, reduces sharpness of fine details. The small body size and large LCD monitor leave no room for an optical viewfinder, which really isn’t missed.

The camera also offers a Super Macro mode in addition to standard macro, for better close-up shooting. Slightly sharper overall image, though with increased noise from the boosted ISO. A pentax optio m40 of 13 automated shooting modes include the usual array of night scene, and landscape settings along with a kids mode and natural skin tone pentax optio m40 that along with the portrait mode also fire up the face recognition focus and auto exposure mode.

To evaluate the motion capture of digital camera video, we shoot moving cars and pedestrians on the street.