The drive will read most DVDs. However the player will ‘see’ mp3 disks, or cd disks with installation programs, such as the Microsoft Word installation cd’s. The device is appearing with an “! Track 1, start time Prueba con un disco diferente, preferiblemente de una marca diferente al que estas usando en estos momentos. If yes, could you please help. I am disappointed in Lenovo for choosing such a cheap device.

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Ok, after a Hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n HD failure second Hitachi drive failure within 2 yrs We employ a team from around the world. On that you can make sure acoustic management is on so hopefully quieter. We can eject the. I checked for driver updates – it has the most recent driver – is it firmware.

Vt30n having a BR drive is important to you, you can always check chapter 3 of your specific notebook’s service manual to see if any Hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n drives are offered for your model series. Recommended Software – Free Download. The drive CDR speeds are: I need it to work so I can work again.

At the “FwFlash” box, click the “X” in the upper right corner. The optical drive can be safely removed and plugged back in hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n using the Ultrabay eject lever dvvdram under the drive. Message 3 of 7. I would rather not do this as I will have to keep enabling and disabling. The drive is powered on I’ve seen that problem and I’ve tried upgrading to the latest firmware for the drive. Reconnect the device and power it on. I’ve been trying, hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n no luck whatsoever, to burn dual layer DVDs.

My cdrom icon is missing from “My Computer” and there is an exclamation mark next to it in device manager?

Firmware update for HLDS GT30N optical drive

Come to find out. This should allow the cdrom drive to redetect if the problem is caused by the bios. Onder Windows 7 werkte deze Cd-rom perfect.

Does anybody know what could be causing this? Then close all windows, and reboot the system. Anyway it will be interesting to know since when you have this problem and hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n you make any changes. There seems to be a long history of problems with it, and many regard this as a really cheap unit. This process may take a few minutes.

Solved: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N – Lenovo Community

This is what happens when I try anything to do with DVD part of my computer, I am not very computer smart, so please, if you are going to try and help me, please remember the K I S S principle, and follow it, Thank hitachi hl-dt-st dvdram gt30n in advance for any nfo you can provide me.

How do I know if its the other harddrive, as it is hl-dtst showing as installed. Windows 8 x64 same problem. Now you will be able to see the DVD drive without any hitahi. Reading was ok, but writing was unpredictable – sometimes it didn’t recognize it as a writable CD, sometimes it did but thought that the CD was full it wasn’t.

I have installed bitachi 7 via bootable thumb drive and same thing in the windows 7 os.

Hitachi® DVD-RAM GT30N Firmware Update Utility

So ImageBurn verifies discs. If any exist Right Click on them – Delete There may not be any of those and if not this is not the fix.

I really need help and I keep getting the run around where ever I try to get help Thanks in advance to anyone offering help and information.