As you can’t turn it into a gaming monster, is there any use throwing more money at it? Why do you recomend the and not the ? ATI’s entry for that pricerange is the Xpro http: Can you check what cpu it’s got? I just dont know what else you may need. Hi , Im hoping to put a graphics card in my girlfriends computer.

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Oh any other info required will be posted upon request. Ok Well Ive just had an idea My current system is a P4 3.

I dont have the CPU that is fitted and i think the sound is onboard. There are several boards with that name, but there is very little micro star ms 7061 between them: I’d pick a geforce GS http: Why do you recomend the and not the ?

Or only slightly better. That really has an impact in deciding what Vga card to get Ok its micrro little old theses days but manages to play most games micro star ms 7061 reasonabally well.

I dont even know if the motherboard suports 8x agp4x agp or 2x agp. Can you check what cpu it’s got?

Should be the KM4M-V http: Micro Star MS Ver 1. I’d definately recommend a RAM upgrade tho, Mb minimum. Hmm What will it be like compared to the GT. Because your p4 isn’t fast enough to push a card to mms fullest potential, and thus a waste of money, a will be a better match micro star ms 7061.

Microstar Ms-7061 Ver 1.0 Motherboard With Processor & Fan

It’s mx socket A board, and there are socket A cpu’s from WAAAY old wich will play hardly any newer games and should be paired with a low end VGA card and there’s socket A cpu’s wich are fairly new and paired with a good gpu could still handle some nice games I just dont know what else you may need. Oh, please take the question the right way!!

Now if i was to donate my card to my girlfriend what would be a good card which would not only replace my existing GT but also improve upon its 70061 while also not make me spend massive amounts of dosh? I had assumed the refered to mb ram but micro star ms 7061 system says theres only Mb detected.

As been stated, there are a few bottle-necks. My girlfriend says she bought it years ago. 70061 Micro star ms 7061 Search Login Register. The following error or errors occurred while this message: You definately need to add more ram to play anything decent – Mb minimumperhaps a gigabyte.

What games are your girlfriend interested in? The advice is much appreciated. All help and advice is much appreciated as this problem has midro to consider and as students we dont have micro star ms 7061 money to pour into the latest trick hardware so need the right choice for this pc. Thank you all again. Thanks for your time and advice.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | MSI (Micro Star) MS (KM3M-V) |

If nothing else supply complete micro star ms 7061 number of the PC so it can be researched some. Again id still like to know what your ideas or suggestions about what GFX card to put into this rig are. She and you seem a bit dissatisfied with the board. Micro star ms 7061 board has onboard VGA wich takes a piece of main system ram 64 Mb in this case Leaving only Megs remaining of the Mb installed Might be a modem or LAN card.