So switching to the M-Box has totally crippled both my computers desktop and notebook. As one reviewer pointed out, you need a powerhouse of a computer to run this thing on a PC. But there is still a problem. See all my reviews. Post a Sandra report on your computer and tell us what version of PT you intend to run and the OS on which you intend to run it. I let myself get talked into buying this package instead of going with my own research and getting M-Powered.

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When you take the time to learn it it is fantastic. How do I fix this? A few key points here Windows 7 bit home edition Protools version: The mbox 2 has by far the worst feeling pots on any of the devices I either own or have owned I also have a UX2 and firepod and have owned a omega and the sweep on all of them is horrible especially the mix pot. Digidesign mbox 2 audio is a reason that so many of the most famous studios use PT. Pro Tools Le is great for beginners and pros alike.

Before I launch Pro Tools, I run task manager digidesign mbox 2 audio disable all non essential processes, and close all programs that are open. Find all posts by Datfreaktaste.

It’s aweful comparative to my other devices, and no it’s not because I suck and can’t setup my hardware correctly. The software bundle should have compressors, reverb, you name it to go with your pro-tools, so you will not have to buy other expensive external equipment except for instruments of course. During install, I got a blue screen and ended up doing a system restore. Let me know if you have any results. I bought an digidesign mbox 2 audio 1 a few years ago, and granted some improvements have been made by the two.

Post a Sandra report on your computer digidesign mbox 2 audio tell us what version of PT you intend to run and the OS on which you intend to run it. I do agree that digidesign is a bit ‘behind. I am constantly getting professional results with it on my PC.

See all my reviews. I have more than 7 years working with Digidesign products and every Production comes with a Pro Quality.

Mbox2 as sound device in Windows 7 Did you find a akdio If you are lloking for a quick solution for Digidesign mbox 2 audio Production, og course you can find others friendly systems that xlick and drag mp3 files to youe session in a blink, but Digidesign complies with wath you required as a pro.

Do you want to make music on the go?

Protools itself does have a pretty steep learning curve in order to maximize it, so buyer beware in that regard. Mine runs routinely -K on the Task Manager.

digidesign mbox 2 audio I’m not a recording engineer, I’m just a guitar player. It digiidesign well and has plenty of features. Since it was made first on a mac, i noticed that the manual instructed me to do some changes to my configuration in order to make the device function. When I play my recordings back for friends or colleagues they inquire if I recorded it in a professional studio. The things you can do with this interface is amazing! More like catching up auudio the standard.

I ordered an MBOX 2 a while ago, it was my second one.

Mbox2 as sound device in Windows 7 – Avid Pro Audio Community

The M-Box is a great way to “get in the game” of digital recording. It is a good interface if you are using digidesign mbox 2 audio computer that does nothing but produce music in Pro Tools. You even have to go through a third party vendor iLok to activate first digideesign plug-ins like Strike.

It has good pre-amps and the quality vocals you get out of this thing is amazing! Digidesign seems to offer no reason why they are unable to support certain 3rd party software,turion, celeron, digidesign mbox 2 audio, and even certain machines with core 2 duo processors.

I still use the internet, etc.