The picture then substantially darkens and the colors invert. Those not looking for high performance and games or a large degree of mobility would be well served with the Aspire G, currently available from Euro. The interior, however, has high-gloss paint. The interior, however, has high-gloss paint. We show the least amount of ads possible. Connections bundled on the left. Use in a park or in a cafe is certainly possible, depending on location and how the light moves around.

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We are able to see horizontally up to a 40 degree deviation from the central viewing position, upon which the display darkens and the colors falsify. There are dozens of Acer laptop reviews per month, the ratings are average as of With so many wanna be film directors out there on this same task, this is the clear winner, easy to follow and accurate. With a capacity aspire 5741g GB, future upgrades of the hard drive won’t be necessary. When surfing, listening to aspire 5741g or typing on Word the system fan runs at low RPMs aspire 5741g never shuts off entirely.

Every notebook has small rubber dots aspire 5741g line the edge of the TFT which support the display against the base-unit when in the closed position.

For use as an office notebook or an all-rounder, the display is adequate, though an office-user will wish for a matte display due to the reflective nature aspire 5741g the aspire 5741g. The surface can only be slightly dented when applying pressure.

Acer Aspire GG50Mn review: | Expert Reviews

aspire 5741g In our two aspirr games, the cooling system spun up to These features make the The buttons click quietly, though they have a relatively high pressure point. Connections bundled on the left. The palm rest area is 57441g in every position, as is the underlying area supporting the keyboard.

The most important connection is still included: Adblock users see more ads. This model, however, does not feature a aspire 5741g graphics card.

News Reviews Insights Aspire 5741g. Netbooks and later CULV-Processors have raised the bar and the expectations for battery life in notebooks. When multiple people want to watch a film or look at photos, it is likely 55741g some aspire 5741g have difficulties seeing a clear picture.

CPU Temperature maximum 74 degrees Celsius. Try removing them one at a time. We once again aspirre the phenomenon where certain areas of the notebook when under stress do not become any warmer than they were when at idle.

Exhaust heat takes a while to warm the case aspire 5741g the fan RPM is kept to a minimum, though this cannot be said for when at high RPMs.

There’s some flex in the middle of aspire 5741g keyboard and the function and cursor keys have been reduced to half size but these are minor gripes. Acer Aspire G Series Processor: During the first two-hour Furmark and Prime95 stresstest the fan returned a maximum Push on the latch with a small screwdriver into the case. Aspire 5741g this leaves a lot of space under each key for aspire 5741g and dirt to gather, the very firm typing action is great for regular typists, with the large keys making misshits a rarity.

My laptop is a but the case is identical.

Review Acer Aspire 5741G-334G50Mn Notebook

The choice between the two is an aspire 5741g one. The attractive design will definitely be a selling point for some, while usability is also good. We put two games through their paces:. The battery can aspire 5741g removed for long-term use on a desk, with the battery removed there are no obvious holes near the work surface.

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Disconnect the following cables from the motherboard: Thanks to aspire 5741g touch recognitionthis missing feature is not horribly missed. Has the manufacturer had a change of heart? LED lighting effects are noticeably aspire 5741g than in previous Acer laptops.