In general, the display felt responsive and the tablet was brisk enough in opening apps and transitioning between menus and home screens. The Home button – to return to the main screen. There are two exceptions to that, actually, but they’re both understandable. View all photos 6. Even without the kickstand, you’ll find that the viewing angles are pretty versatile, especially from the sides, though we’d be lying if we said that stand didn’t help. Tap on a video to play it from the beginning.

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Tap Single to go back to a normal display. Not slice-your-hand-open sharp, but enough to be uncomfortable if you hold the tablet from that particular side for an extended amount of time.

Games and video content afchos archos 80 g9 up the biggest amount of storage space.

Archos 80 G9 review

The list is refreshed continuously. Return of the stylus: Touch to open the Settings application.

Still need help after reading though this entire manual? The idea is that while the list is playing, you can add more songs. The icons to the right of the album are the followings: Tap the Search icon in the upper right corner to archos 80 g9 through archos 80 g9 music files.

Work with Quick Settings The Quick Settings make it convenient to view or change the most common tablet settings and to open the full Settings app. So how does it stack up against other diminutive, aggressively priced tablets? Lying just underneath that plastic is a layer of stainless steel, which makes the entire tablet feel rigid.

Archos 80 G9 review

Cons Other Android tablets feel snappierNo rear-facing camera. Click on OK to save the modifications. All told, the tablet feels light in the hands, though we’re finding that the 8-inch form factor is just big archos 80 g9 that typing in landscape mode feels unwieldy in a way it doesn’t with 7-inchers. You can close the Quick Settings again by touching anywhere else on the screen.

archoos Just tap a thumbnail to start playing something. For the Flash Memory models: Or touch Auto to have the tablet set screen brightness automatically, using its sensors to measure the archos 80 g9 of light in your surroundings. You can browse folders, copy and paste more easily.

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Archos’ tablets have always strayed from the v9 look made archos 80 g9 by the likes of the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab Use only the included USB cable to charge your device. Touch Details, then Get Movie database info.

That’s with aechos latest firmware, mind you — before we upgraded from 3. Enter the required settings. All brands and product names are registered trademark and the property of their respective owners. For instance, on the bottom, where two pieces of the chassis meet to enclose the tablet’s innards, is a arrchos and archos 80 g9 sharp unrefined edge. Close archos 80 g9 Status Details by touching any other part of the screen. Software features The Archos 80 G9 ships with Android 3.

By the way, guys, mid-way through working on our review we upgraded the firmware from version 3. You can use your finger to scroll the current web page horizontally or vertically. Well, to be honest, we haven’t seen that many of them. To remove an item from your favorites list, roll it into view and then hold your 08 down archos 80 g9 it.

All run Android 3. Thank you for your interest in archos 80 g9 products.