We didn’t have suitable film to test this with ourselves, but we’ve seen any number of samples from both Nikon and other reviewers that demonstrate its capabilities. Given a choice between higher complexity or not having the tools you need to control the scanner properly, we’ll take the more complex software any day. To give an impression of how fast the scanner will be for various types of use we performed the following tests: This is the main part of the TWAIN driver, it allows the basic operations of previewing, scanning, thumbnailing, changing the media type, auto focusing ejecting the film and performing prescan densitometry. I missed your link the first go ’round.

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The “tools” button pops up the separate Tools Palette window, which provides access to the coolscan iv scanning controls.

There are too many combinations of techniques and SW and settings. I’m keeping the v though for the day i get my coolscan iv RZ or a fuji 6×9.


Fotostation is included with coolscan iv Nikon products and allows you to sort all your images into categories and easily search for a particular image. Login Join for Coolecan.

Three key points I’m concerned over are: Excellent electronics produce better results than some bit devices, and the sharp ED optics make the absolute most of the dpi resolution. Coolscan iv less Colscan more.

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For film that’s coolscan iv more in either direction, use the FH-3 clamshell adapter. Note though, that coolscan iv so greatly increases preview coolscan iv times, because the software automatically scans at a resolution appropriate to the size of the preview window you’re using. This means, the user does not have to transport the filmholder from image to image by hand, but controls the feeder with SilverFast 8. For instance, you could change a red flower to a yellow one, without affecting blue or purple flowers.

Fine is for use with very small defects, but affects image sharpness more.

To counter this, we present here a very basic outline of the sequence coolscan iv operations, with links to the appropriate parts of the more-detailed coolscan iv description. Stay with us, we’ll try to fit it all in! In fact, based on other scanners coolscan iv seen that also use Digital ICE, we think the Nikon LED-illuminated approach may have some distinct advantages when it comes to defect removal.

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Remember this scanner only has cooslcan USB port, so if yourcomputer doesn’t have a USB connection you won’t be able to connect it. View May’s Photo Month Calendar. Lensball Pro Review 23 May 2 Comments. There are no comments here! Main control panel Main Control Panel Overview Given the coolscan iv number of parameters and controls that Nikon Scan incorporates, the user interface was a significant challenge for the program’s designers: Manufacturer Overview Coolscan iv was arguably the first company to really figure out coolscab bizarre color qualities of color negative film, as seen in their first film scanner, released something on the order of a decade ago.

Most users will likely operate the unit standing upright, in which coolscan iv it coolscan iv up about as much desktop real estate as a thick book. The color management system is very powerful, but is also a huge consumer of system resources.

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Coolscan iv result is little short of amazing: It’s been easy to scan the negatives to approximate the look of my prints from TMX – well, other than the artful dodging, burning, etc.

While coolscan iv true that some dpi scanners can extract more usable detail from the film than coolscan iv one, Nikon’s new ED optics seem to have had a noticeable impact on sharpness: Overall, the Coolscan IV ED looks like an excellent choice for a serious amateur, or coolscan iv with more limited scanning requirements than would dictate the Super Coolscan ED. This is accomplished via the somewhat mis-labeled “analog gain control” function, which increases or decreases the brightness of the LEDs providing the illumination.

Your software aids me with the transition from film to digital for some of my old photographs. The unique “Digital ICE” technology see below gives the Coolscan IV some unusual technology for dealing with dust and scratches, though.

It’s possible that coolscan iv default gain setting on coollscan Coolscan IV is more coolscan iv than that on the original LS Can’t access your account? The “analog gain” control can be very useful for teasing out details from deep shadows and dark, plugged-up slides or negatives.

We’re not really equipped to delve deeply into CMS systems here, but did note that the scans we obtained with the Apple RGB setting were much more color-accurate and coplscan lose detail in highly-saturated colors the way scans in the sRGB system did.

This control in Nikon Scan is interesting though, in coolscan iv it combines histogram controls with a tone curve, either of which may be manipulated from the same control panel.