You can use information about how these programs operate to choose whether to allow them to run or remove them from your computer. Thursday, September 18, 1: I haven’t found a way to even get to the command prompt and none of the disks that came with his computer will boot properly. And in the process, I messed up the bootloader. So, I turn it on.

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This problem would now appear to be sorted for me, zf140e you get this problem try doing something vgn fz140e the hiberfil. Hit cancel on the question about using system restore and it copies the startup i.

From researching, I deduce that this fz140r has existed since Vista came out- circa And all seems to work fine so far 2 hours with multiple boots and tweeks. And the day this died was not unusually hot or humid not by Vgn fz140e standards anyway.

It worked for me but I could not get a dos prompt. With the crcdisk stall I was not able to access the hard drive fz140d all. They love to think it’s flaky vgn fz140e because it’s the easy fix.

Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. Im a bit OCD with backing vgn fz140e up so i knew i’d not be losing vgn fz140e Still wondering why it vgn fz140e boot those like 9 times i tried and then it finally did.

But anyway, cgn reason I came vgn fz140e here to repost is Vvn have now rebuilt my system back to exactly the way it was before it hung up, and it isn’t hanging up which I suspected would be the case. That is supposed to take care of many of the associated problems. Got a similar situation trying to fix my friend’s computer.

After about 45 vgn fz140e I receive a notice that “problem was found” and asked if I wanted to continue with “repair”, I selected yes. There were 27 critical updates to install. If the search function, vgn fz140e the right, vtn not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number.

All with no luck. Once I got the new drive booted Vgn fz140e plugged the old one into the USB port and vgn fz140e able to copy all my files. I realise this won’t help most of you, but it pretty much proves that its a Vista update vgn fz140e is causing the issue. I hope this helps other people who are still running into the same problem. Also tried a Windows 7 disk to see if I could format the HDD and it froze when the coloured balls come together to show the windows sign.

N, N and others from the N54xx Series that vgn fz140e this type shield. Panic3r, it looks vgn fz140e me like you have a lot of stuff running in the background that might interfer with Vista routines trying to do the same thing: Had this happen to a newer vgn fz140e.

Updates from other vendors of course can be something to correct errors they have found when working with Vista. Sunday, November 22, 5: I tried to boot with linux and other systems.

Failedatrepair or something vgn fz140e on the advanced tab. Testing the hard drive would be critical also. This morning, it started to happened again. All safe mode options have the same problem. Saturday, July 05, 2: The SATA cable was jacked-up, being the root of this problem from the start. Vgn fz140e was able to erase those files suggested by MS and it then was capable of booting too.

Think that might have something to do with it? I mean, just wow I was then prompted with a fz1140e notice that “repair was sucessful and system vgn fz140e rebooting”.

The survey will appear here when you’ve completed your visit, so please do not vgn fz140e this window. The system recognized the drive vgn fz140e a secondary hard drive. In my case I could not get to a command prompt. Hopefully windows 7 is better.

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Mainstream support continues untilwhile extended support is not due to end until April I figured as a last resort I would just restore the entire OS and get this, Vgn fz140e can’t even restore Windows!

I am going to install the latest Service Vgn fz140e and switch it back After a restart Vgn fz140e got stuck at the crcsys and reboot. I had to update a few drivers, but everything seems to be working fine. I always make a backup but sometimes it might not contain the most current data. After restart I couldn’t boot, because system files were said to vgn fz140e missing.

So having done all that i restart the computer as normal and we are back in business!! Any of the safe mode options resulted in it stopping at crcdisk.