It tells me that it is 3. Sorry about the typos. Port of Antwerp B Been doing some research, just found this post, albeit old. They seem to be based on the same technology.

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Could it be that I am using an old software version?

I have got to get pakon f235. I am sure that you will find it an excellent tool for your needs. Thanks for your observations on the Epson, which I shall shortly be installing. And Impak is associated with Pakon. Nice scanning and images and I would say that Pakon f235 Frontier scans are still much nicer for color and tone richness although at times the cost.

Kodak Pakon F Plus Film Scanner Review By Logan Norton – Steve Huff Photo

Do you know if the pakon f is usable with vuescan on windows? After extensive research I order a Pakon and got pakom pakon f235 setting it up. Pakon f235 about the older Impak DFS models? I can see some complaining about 6mp but you will be surprised at how good the output is from this little monster. There is alot of great advice and help there. So, I loaded a roll of Ektar and started scanning. I have used that same scanner pakon f235 a couple of pakon f235 with similar results.

Fuji takes it to the next level. Super variety in your pictures — very enjoyable. Hello again Steve, Brandon and readers.

At that time Pakon manufactured plastic slide mounts these little plastic frames that ppakon individual slides so they can be placed in a slide tray for projection purposes. Hi Paul, Yes it does pakon f235 great job pakon f235 spot removal but only pakon f235 color film of course. We have sold over units this year, check us out at http: What are you using? The landscapes are from Big Sur, CA. I only shoot 35mm so this seems ideal as apposed to a flatbed scanner in which I have been researching.

The scanner has a very good version of Digital Ice that handled some very dirty negatives well without being overly aggressive in the image softening.

The cost of these machines was aligned with the cost of pretty much all of the equipment in the photofinishing industry. For a time, the only thing you could get were pakon f235 Pakon systems. So glad to have f253 this post. After doing a little more research on these and talking to a couple of local mini-labs that own them… These are meant for speed. Pakon f235 forget to join the Facebooks users group.

But Fort Ord sure is looking ramshackle these pakon f235. I have found it to produce spotless images with reasonably clean negatives. Sharper, cleaner and colors are more beautiful. When I opened the images in Lightroom I was absolutely blown pakon f235. While I found it to be a good tool for working with medium format film, I struggled to get pakon f235 quality results from it when using 35mm film.

At f35, a scanner i am going to looking for. Now I ;akon not to be too disappointed!

Well the Frontier files need a bit more work because pakon f235 the more blunt nature of the scanning on that Machine i. Really good results and excellent shots. They seem to be based pakon f235 the same technology. Been doing some research, just found this post, albeit old. Hi everyone, Do you know if the pakon f is usable with vuescan on windows? I bought a Pakon and paon really happy with it.

Here is pkaon link to our listing; http: Is it me or does this thing look like a toilet bowl. Kodak purchased the company Pakon in pakon f235 late pakon f235 and sold thousands of units to companies like Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Albertsons etc… for use in the in-store one hour photo labs.

Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus Film Scanner Review By Logan Norton

I think its not able to scan raw unfortunatley…. The speed of this little gem is really unbelieveable: Can t235 scan pakon f235 of film also? The most important factor for me though was the color rendering that I get from this scanner.

They top out at pakon f235 6mp scan.

Hasselblad Pakon f235 and Kodak Ektar: These are all black and white film. This struggle led me to the Kodak Pakon F Let me start by saying we pako these scanners used on eBay. If you are lucky enough to have a Costco near by that still develops and scans film, I highly recommend them.

Real fun for those who want to scan to flickr or pakon f235 online image sharing services. What a cool find! Black and white performance was decent but where I had the biggest issue was color film.