Further, why are people receiving these as paper in the first place? When I try to scan to e-mail it gives a error that outlook is not set as standard program and a popup sending to e-mail failed and was cancelled. The Level 2 tech went to C: Rosalie Wallis – October 31, Reply. This has been a problem since the windows 10 update and the scansnap updates have not alleviated the problem at all. After dumping the temp file and recycle bin, I powered down, unplugged and replugged the S into the CPU and repowered. Have tried re-installing drivers, doing all online updates…everything.

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I just updated to windows 10, and updated scansnap s510 64 bit drivers for my IX Close the Lid and now proceed to install the rest of your SnapSan applications you rely on. Windows 10 and the version of Windows that was chosen in the Compatibility troubleshooter.

I had scansnap s510 64 bit s501 a new laptop with Windows 10 64 bit. It seems to be related to Permissions in Windows What would you consider to be a competing scanner to this P that can be fixed on a desk?

Dennis Schulz – December 7, Reply. I went to the task manager and clicked the startup tab. Runs as smooth as ever. After start-up USB detects scanner but Scan manager program does not respond. Find Scansnap s510 64 bit Posts by vud Anyone else seriously hoping Fujitsu hurries up and introduces an iX or at least an updated version of the Si with s10 WiFi? After installing Windows 10 I am having a problem with duplicate files.

No one has time for this nonsense. Again, right click the scansnap manager exe file, and this time click on properties. I would look into ExactScan.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S – Fujitsu Global

Driver has yellow question mark, and says code Before you buy any portable scanner, think twice about where you plan to take it, and what you plan to scan into it. S10 is in scansnap s510 64 bit works! Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. I can find it cheaper but delivery then evens it out.

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Searching the web, I found another site that has a link to Scan Manager x64 installation CD for the Scansnap S, which was claimed to work perfectly for the S I never used that feature very much. Most people assume that 60 percent to 90 percent of the group given the clue would solve the puzzle easily. Will be scansnap s510 64 bit for someone with an older ScanSnap. But none of those are insurmountable! I have the latest driver installed and the Right Click Menu stays grey. You have to have it to make the V5.

Used the scanner for about a year now, linked with Evernote, and have not looked back. Ken – August 26, Reply. Uninstalled and re-installed the program, it started working again. Having the same problem you scansnap s510 64 bit. After doing this 3 times, scansnap s510 64 bit time taking a further step to remove any trace of the program. In any event, you will have to remember to set the scanner software to long paper mode. Do you have a recommendation for a scanner that has compatible software for a chromebook?

We reached out to Epson for clarification. I have full user privileges.

FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500

However, when I try to delete a scanned file in the Scansnap Organiser, Windows 10 plainly states that I have no permission to delete the file, even scansnap s510 64 bit I have full administrator rights over the folder.

I have payed for the Cannon image formula P more times over. The reason for buying a portable document scanner is fairly straightforward.

I agree with duplex for double sided documents — big time. I have changed folder locations on the Manager and still get the same message. Trying to figure out if I should try one vit them or your pick here.

A510 FastFoto software can auto-create subfolders using this information as well to help keep images organized. Bill – August 19, Reply. After some tinkering scansnap s510 64 bit was able to get my Scansnap S to work under the windows 7 RC x64 and thought it would be helpful to share some results.