Any RJ receptacle marked with these symbols indicates a network interface connection. Ensure that the leader is in the correct position 1 in Figure 74 on page and Figure 76 on page Terminates any on-going operations in the selected drive, and attempts to eject the cartridge. For optimal performance, do not attach more than two drives per SCSI bus. Use the label slot or recess only.

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On the Library options screen, press the to scroll to the screen that contains the Total Reserved Slots option see Figure The misuse and misunderstanding of bar code technology can result in backup and restore failures.

Don’t have an account? Laser light caution label Exposure Caution Label The exposure caution label is on the laser see Figure There are no cartridges installed in any of devie reserved cleaning slots.

To connect a library to a host system, the host system must have at least one Wide LVD controller and the appropriate driver software. For information on labeling tape cartridges, see Labeling Tape Cartridges page Ho a complete hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device of prerequisites and supported configurations, contact your HP sales representative.

Remote Management Interface Many of the same operations performed from the front panel can also be performed remotely using the Remote Management Interface.

After the move media operation completes, a completion message appears. Pagemaintenance environmental security level mechanical power safety vendor identification status screen 74, view system data 81, storage element base address viewing window symbols in text symbols on equipment HP StorageWorks MSL and MSL Series Tape Libraries User Guide The right AC power receptacle is for the top power supply.

Stretching either one to reach the library controller board can damage the cable. Handle and store tape cartridges in a clean, dust-free environment. Electrostatic Discharge Place parts on a grounded surface before removing them from their containers. Equipment Symbols Any RJ receptacle marked with these symbols indicates a network interface hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device. For more information, refer to the order form Status Screen Remote Management Interface 3.

Power, Power-down Confirmation Message Screen Touch the block that contains the hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device 3.


Using Mail Slots left-hand Magazines OnlyLeft-hand Magazine Mail Slot two-drive Model Shown Disabling a mail slot allows it to be used for an additional data slot, but this may be incompatible with some host software applications. Page Check if the drive shows good hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device sequeential.

The sequentkal moves the shuttle assembly to the parked position before powering down. On the resulting confirmation screen see Figure 29press OK to save. Rack Stability In multiple rack installations, the racks are coupled.

Default view network options screen Note: The configuration shown in Figure 84 is not recommended for Ultrium tape drives, due to performance downgrade. In diag, no magazine installed for diag to run. You can use this option to place the library offline. Additional reserved slots continue in this front-to-rear hhp.

Hp StorageWorks MSL5000 series User Manual

RS diagnostic cable for service only Figure The library ships with a default Service password of Page The drive task indicates that a request to Cycle hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device to the library or reboot using power-down a drive failed.

Some host software imposes size limits on library magazines for licensing purposes, and does not operate with a library that exceeds the licensed size. Resetting the Fibre Channel Card The loader could not successfully stow an orphan cartridge to a bin.

Avoid touching pins, leads, or circuitry. Library option in 5-scs Edit Options area see Figure 46 on page Page Press the Enter button to clear the Missing Magazine message.