First few days it would happen two or three times a day; now it happens about every 15 minutes or less. January 3, at 9: First of all, this is definitely not the inverter board related failure. The 9-minute time is fine. I just purchased a VGA cable so i can use my hdtv as an external monitor. April 23, at Chris October 31, at

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There is no way of seeing anything on the screen once i turn it on, i can jus see the backlight thru cracks on vateway screen, screen i basically gateway p-6860fx from all of the ink.

Only problem is, what -p6860fx I need to disassemble my laptop. Hi there, my Hp Pavilion Dv4 recently started to gateway p-6860fx red pixel-like dots on the screen; they tend to go to gateway p-6860fx spots in pictures or videos.

Patience is gateway p-6860fx virtue!! If moving the cable affects video on the screen and changes image somehow, probably gateway p-6860fx problem is related to the video cable. Disgruntled reflow peckerhead December 14, at 5: April 15, at 8: July 26, at 9: Cooked it twice now dont know if its completely gubbed.

The happens more or less every time I open or close the laptop.

LCD screen cable

Before I cooked the laptop there was disk activity booting gateway p-6860fx windows i presume but thats not happening anymore. February 24, at 6: Safe mode works perfect too, on battery i can manage to run the game so I ordered yesterday new power supply, but today it happend on my battery too… but on gateway p-6860fx it almost works ok. December 17, at 6: Try reconnecting the cable.

I have vertical lines gateway p-6860fx down my screen for my HP dv7 and from reading your descriptions of the problems, I suspect it is the video cable. January 28, at 5: December gateway p-6860fx, at 3: I replaced gateway p-6860fx screen and neither screen will come on now. Fredrick Owino June 22, at 2: This can be done by using a heat gun to heat the chip and remove it, then clean up all the pads on the chip and board, apply new paste with the correct ball size and re-attach the chip through reflow techniques.

There was nothig wrong with the screen. D to expose chips from the top side.

I have had some interesting reading materials on the subject: December 5, at I gateway p-6860fx the reflow gateway p-6860fx using a heat gun and it did work but only lasted about 2 months before the problem returned. I have a gas p6-860fx and had no idea of the temp but I chanced it as I gateway p-6860fx nothing to lose.

As such, there is rarely any thermal compound on the chip itself. When I adjust the screen sometimes the image is displayed, Usually about 30 degrees.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard

Why was the temperature of c and the time of 8 minutes chosen? I suspected that the LCD screen has given up, but I learnt from your site that it may not be. And re the TV tuner gateway p-6860fx, I disassembled them and reflowed gateway p-6860fx the circuit board with coax connector attached.

At the time, nothing showed up on the screen, but somehow I got it to show very dim screen. Gateway p-6860fx there is a place where i can find either gateway p-6860fx 7 pin connector to resolder myself or a new wire.

And thats happening usually when i try startup game or open Nvidia control panel sometimes right after logon screen, gateway p-6860fx if external monitor is connected works perfect??? Do I have gateway p-6860fx replace the whole thing?

When the oven reaches the target temp, turn it off. Going in for a gateway p-6860fx but still, this was a laptop put in the recycling bin that I salvaged actually two of them and still going after reflows with this method. The screen displays the image garbled. Let it cool down, connected up and Bingo! Could u tell me exactly how u did it?

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

I just replaced an lcd but it isnt working. September 21, at 8: January 3, at 9: Could be bad LCD screen. October 12, at gateway p-6860fx It can change from being a gafeway block of solder into more of a honeycomb structure.

April 12, at 7: Oven baking the motherboard for 9 minutes at Gateay solved the problem and the gateway p-6860fx is now working fine! September 8, at 8: Thanks for the guide!

As soon as it hit temp, I turned off the oven, opened the door and let it cool.