What is this thermal grease, where could I get it. Did you remove memory modules? Ken, what happen if I accidentally force the cable to be disconnect it and break the cable, would i be able to replace the cable and fix it? Apply thermal grease on the top of the CPU. Yes, and I actually have it elevated off the table to ensure proper airflow. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running.

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After using it, i leave it came and tried to log on with the password it would not come on. If the laptop works fine with both memory modules in the slot A but not in the slot B, the slot B is defective. I have seen online that individual keys are available for sale and replacement. Now it still sony vaio pcg-k25 power on…They wall charger is green and then sony vaio pcg-k25 I go to plug it into the computer it makes a wierd noise and the charger light goes off black then if I unplug the charger from sony vaio pcg-k25 lap top it turns back to green on the wall charger.

BIOS display is fine. I used this great guide for the purpose of cleaning out the cooling fans I cleaned out an astoninshing amount of dust and fur.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Core2Duo E 1. A friend said that I needed to replace the disk. The manufacturers want you to send your computer to them for repair. Great sony vaio pcg-k25 by step tutorial on dissembling. Do you have two modules installed?

It currently uses an external monitor because the laptop display is not working properly. Thanks again Duncan Brown. Ok, here sony vaio pcg-k25 my problem.

Your description has more disassembly. The computer will fire up and show a screen for a second and then it flashes another screen which I do not have sony vaio pcg-k25 to read and then just shuts down. I think you are correct. Shwan Bosen, I have a PCG-K33 sony vaio pcg-k25 I have osny the same problem with opening the screen up and you see everything there, but no backlight. I reseated the new CPU several times.

Vaoi the lights blink once when the power button is pressed, then nothing. You can sony vaio pcg-k25 unplug the display panel and start the laptop with an external monitor. I tried different compatible RAMS and still the same problem.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

I have replaced the dc jack with a replacement and followed the instructions above to disassemble the laptop. Very help full tutorial …. Install new heat sink assembly. Disconnect the touch pad cable connector on the motherboard and sony vaio pcg-k25 the cable.

Any idea sony vaio pcg-k25 happened. In order to make sure it was a faulty keyboard, I removed the keyboard and used air to clean the board. The best way to eliminate software related problem is reimaging the hard drive back to factory defaults. Pentium DualCore E 2. Acer LiteOn 19v, 6.

Try turning on the laptop with each module separately. Unplug both fan cables from the motherboard. Erik, hey guys i have a pcg-k37 and well all sony vaio pcg-k25 a sudden it would turn itself off, after about 30 seconds or so after booting up i would turn off…i open it up and it seemed that everytime i jiggled the dc charging board that plugs into the motherboard it would boot all the way but sony vaio pcg-k25 5 minutes it would turn off again Could it be a heat related issue?

Is it possible to reseat the cpu while it is attached to the fan sony vaio pcg-k25 the socket is locked—I can see no other sony vaio pcg-k25 to do it unless I am missing something obvious.

If still no light, apparently you have a bad wireless card. With somes display mode everything is working. Why did you replace the hard drive? STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the top side of the connector millimeters. Can anyone tell me how much the regular CPU temperature should be?

vako Leave only major parts such as motherboard, CPU with sony vaio pcg-k25 cooling module, memory. I am thinking about taking it to Best Buy to have someone that has more knowledge than I take a look at it.

However when i try to run on AC, The laptop will turn on and run but will randomly shut off.