You are right, most likely this is related to the inverter board. There is 1 part of a laptop that is not mentioned here. June 1, at 7: November 15, at 4: It installed fine, but unfortunately it was still completely dark.

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Reconnect the memory module, try turning it on with the hard dive and DVD drive removed, try hp pavilion zv5000 base system device the keyboard. My screen got red again on the side and it started flickering for a couple baee seconds and black again. Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

If it it plugged intp the mains whilst zv50000 computer is operating, it will not charge. Also, this could be software related problem. When I put it in the LCD acted perfect for about 15 hours.

Hp Pavilion zv – Notebook PC Manuals

I decided to lose the hard disk drive and put it on another laptop and it booting normal. This sounds like a problem with the backlight lamp CCFL. Unfortunately, you cannot tell until you test the baae with another working power adapter. Could be defective inverter or bad backlight.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

The symptoms were very much like the bad inverter problems faced by many here, but the actual problem was that the microswitch which gets depressed when the laptop hp pavilion zv5000 base system device closed located in your second picture on the lower left of the laptop gets stuck down. Thank you for this site it has been a great help. Could anybody help me to locate the fried basw or give me a schematic of the motherboard.

Do you know if the same video defect appears on the external screen? Remove the hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, modem, battery and test it again. The audio buttons etc. Hi, I was able to take apart my Inspiron laptop screen because of your website…Thanks.

I had a hp pavilion laptop which has a very dim LCD screen. After this happened, I could not see the screen not even a faint imagehowever the computer was still running as the audio still worked. I got a new screen inverter and not a used one. It takes sgstem several minutes. Something must be fried. November 20, at 5: Try simple stuff first. Make sure you are using the correct video driver. In some cases you revice turn the backlight on if you tap rapidly on the lid close switch.

Sounds like you might have gotten a hp pavilion zv5000 base system device inverter board.

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I still have the same problem the back light goes out about 1 minute after the machine boots, I can get it hp pavilion zv5000 base system device come back on for a brief period by pushing on the pin switch. Sometimes the lid close button might get stuck inside the case and the inverter board will not get any power, as a result the LCD screen has no backlight.

I now work only on laptops. This is the 4th inverter i own, pagilion still no luck, and now i have 2 backlights as well.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

Devicw you in advance. All these drives are compatible with your Satellite A laptop. You can try reseating the DVD drive. Yes, you can if this is the same or similar model.

This about a HP DV series laptop. The Toshiba screen is lovely and all, but not very helpful.

eystem Maybe the power supply is not providing correct voltage? Those two graphic cards are connected with a really strange SLI between them. You cannot tell until one of them replaced. Several minutes, 5, 10…. Using Computer Setup I have cause for concern though, because hp pavilion zv5000 base system device screen has begun once again to show a flickering anomaly when changing the angle of the screen.

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