BR 3 years ago. Probably would be expensive but I wonder how this Muira set built to your specs would compare to the new Ben Hogan irons built to your specs? It’s more forgiving than the former, but a bit more compact than the latter. Neil 3 years ago. Unique feel my ass their just overpriced carbon headed irons, people i know think they feel like garbage and these guys are good , they know a good club when they hit it and I hated em. I too play the CB irons.

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The Club Report – Miura CB57 Irons

Way out of any reasonable price range for me. Well with my new and improved swing I was able to figure out for sure that my gaps in my irons were off more than they should be. Miura has the quality, and so does Mizuno t zoid blue rage, but are they equal to most purchasers Golf Swings or are the clubs and overkill. Mizuno t zoid blue rage is enjoyment to be found in the game itself. While technically a medium-sized cavityback, the CB57 features one of the most compact heads currently in production.

Sometimes pros without an equipment contract can be found to bag miuras too, see: I have been playing one or the other for the last 13 years. Given that all Miura irons are custom built, it’s difficult to really compare Miura to an off-the-rack offering. Mike 3 years ago. The same reason some people own Kia and some own Ferrari.

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How many great young amatuers use themI havnt seen 1 lol. Sharkhark 3 years ago. They are the most revered among the Miura offerings. Thats why good players dont waste their time with these overpriced irons. I think they finally released this as the CB57 when they felt they had blended the best elements from previous CB and some from the Mizuno t zoid blue rage While nearly every aspect of the design begs to be in the hands of a better player, Miura believes that golfers should play whatever clubs bring them the most pleasure.

Most people in here are 10 or above handicapps and who think in their warped brains that these clubs are worth something and think they are going to give them this special feel mizuno t zoid blue rage make them play better.

All of this suggests that, number for number, the CB57s should be a bit longer. Rsge McCarthy 3 years ago. It’s nowhere near the same. The hozel welding trick dont make em play mizuno t zoid blue rage better, its just a fancy sales pitchI heard that specifically from mziuno in the industry who know their mizuno t zoid blue rage abt making clubs. As long as they are paid, the pros will play whatever given to them even some junk known to have delaminate problems like Ping i20s and i25s, because they get the thing for free!

Those accustomed to the feel of a Mizuno forging may find Miura offerings including the CB57 a tad clickier, but my opinion is that shot for shot, no iron provides more rewarding feedback than Miura.

Those alternatives along with the PP, and Glue legendary small or ‘baby’ blade remain current in the Miura lineup.

Sira you dont see kj use em anymore do ya, Ryan Moore used them fr a very short timeand there are a lot of guys on tour who have company contracts that allow them to use irons of their choice, most mizuno t zoid blue rage contracts allow that and none of those guys use miuras but other oem clubs. Steve 3 years ago. When I think of them they bring back fond memories. The company certainly professes to have a superior product, while detractors argue that steel is steel and what Miura uses can’t possibly be better than anyone else’s.

Sira 3 years ago. A while back when Ping S56 came out I hit them and loved them from the big box store with x shafts. As others mizuno t zoid blue rage moved to larger footprints, even in their more player-centric designs, Miura continues to produce irons for golfers who love irons.

It seems almost unfathomable, but it’s been 3. I’m not about to delve into the finer points of metallurgy, but I will say mizuno t zoid blue rage between the forging process, and the spin-milled hosel, Miura jizuno engineered a superior feeling iron. Never hit a miura club but hear good things about them.

Felt incredible when hitting that dime size sweet spot…. What goes around comes around as the old saying goes.