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When one or more switching times are programmed together the later setting. The display shows the correct time and date which is.

User manual DRAYTON Digistat 3 – Download PDF file

The result of our continuous development programme, Digistat 3 combines ease This document for download. Y es — b utton if you wish drayton digistat 3 manual pdf download view or alter. Jump to page Jump to page: For exampleif all four switching times were set together. T echnical Helpline T elephone: Once you have set your time period the time will flash for If you wish to alter.

DRAYTON Digistat 3 User manual download

Care should be taken to mount the. This facility enables you to omit one or more of the switched periods. The battery compartment can now be left open, to replace the batteries, for approximately one hour. For Basic boilerCombi boiler and Basic boiler. Remove the battery cover using a drayton digistat 3 manual pdf download Fig 5. Replace the battery cover pressing fully home. The batter y compar tment is situated at the bottom of the unit press to.

How to replace the batteries see fig 6.

User manual DRAYTON Digistat 3 () – English Download PDF

Display Error code E1 or E2. The Digistat can be operated in one of three modes. Press the Yes — button. Press the Y es — button again.

Unused existing cables should be safely insulated. If at anytime during normal oper ation, you wish to temporar ily increase or. In this mode manhal pre-set.

During adjustment the temperature will. The Digistat will now control the temper ature. Time periods of between 1 to 24hr then 1 day to days can. When the display shows E1 or E2 this indicates a sensor fault and. The time will now flash and can be. How do I know when to change the batteries.

You have selected the Monday to Friday part of the programme. If you would like to select one of the other pre-set programs. How to set a constant room temperature Manual mode.

DRAYTON Digistat 3

How to set my room temperature for my holiday period. Replace battery cover fig 7. For Electric Heat application use. Rdayton screen will only show the temperature, which can be. Fix the back plate directly onto the wall using suitable wall. Holiday mode works by counting down the days or hour until.

This resets the Digistat to. How to change the temperature for a short time Override. Press the Y es — button. Jump to page Jump to page: The temperature is controlled by sensing air temperature. Replace the front cover by locating in position drayton digistat 3 manual pdf download pushing.

Please contact your installer. There should be no need to. If the compartment is left open The night setting can be programmed at whatever time. T o exit the Holiday. If batter y replacement is.

I am ready to leave for my 2 week 14 day holiday and would like. It may be necessar y. This document for download.