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The pocket-sized version has been discontinued as a mobile app is more convenient to carry. Solidago Glomerata Becki Baumgartner. Make It – home made stuff. Virginia Silk Becki Baumgartner. Solidago serotina Becki Baumgartner. I keep the kindle, a solar charger and a few various types of radios in static bags inside a small faraday container.

There isn’t a lot of difference, as most of the plants included grow throughout most of the temperate northern hemisphere. Common Sassafras Becki Baumgartner.

Also dried flowers and seeds can be ground into flour. Link to browser demo to get an idea of what the guide looks and feels like, and what it contains.

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Canadian Goldenrod Becki Baumgartner. The Mobile Foraging Companion is a feature-laden, cross-platform guide for common wild and naturalised edible plants of temperate North America, and Britain and Northern Europe there is a guide for each of those downloav areas, to suit your needs. Business – running a small online business.

October 20, at 1: Hay Maids Becki Baumgartner. Viola odorata Becki Baumgartner. January 1, at 1: Survival In Cold Weather Areas.

Free Manuals to Downloads on Survival and Edible Plants

La Liao Becki Baumgartner. And, hopefully, you will find some useful ones. Thanks… I have filed them all on our 3 TB hard drive library and will save them accordingly for the future Generations out of the USA in a secure way and manner. Starting Fires plaants Resin. Sweet Violet Becki Baumgartner. Herbs that grow in an area take on the characteristics of their environment and are particularly useful for the treatment of those ailments associated with the climate and other conditions of the area.

Common Blue Violet Becki Baumgartner.

Foraging Guide – Edible Wild Plants of Temperate North America and the UK

Latest posts by Becki Baumgartner see all. Some guidance may reduce the risk of starvation in a survival situation, but it is best to err on the safe side when other food is available.

Grote Weegbree Becki Baumgartner. Wild Food – foraging for wild food. Press enter to skip past images or tab and enter to view large image in light-box, and tab again to close. Alpine Living for SAR. January anerican, at 8: I have also provided a demo which you can download to test on your device, and one you can view right in your browser.

On a note, could you do something of bicycles and panniers edible wild plants a north american field guide pdf download mountain touring,as you can tell by my adderss, Im acyclests and bike tour also TY Bearman.

I have added a few links to other documents you may find helpful though you may NOT want to post all of them. Many of them are hundreds of pages long, so take your time reviewing them and making note of the books or pages in books that you may want to print out. Kokulu Menekse Becki Baumgartner. I do not share your email address with anyone. European Goldenrod Becki Baumgartner.

Canada Root Becki Baumgartner. There is a small price to pay for this flexibility.

Buyuk Sinirliot Becki Baumgartner. Flux Root Becki Baumgartner. Silky Sallowwort Becki Baumgartner.