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Referring to technical books for the subject will also help preparations. Anonymous March 26, at 1: Sir please send me the previous years questions for sta b in mathematics to my mail rejauld gmail. Candidates who have technical subjects for drdo exam papers for electronics and communication pdf download exam should practise and solve as many questions papers as possible. I want last 10 years paper Can anyone please send me to my mail id dheerajmanchanda92 gmail.

What is the most commonly used conductor in electronics a Aluminum b Copper c Gold d Silver. Sir please send ece diploma sta-b question paper to my mail ‘smashanavar gmail. If the resistance in a circuit with constant voltage increases, the current will a Increase b Decrease c Stay the same d Not enough information.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Good morning sir,my name srinivas raju. Anshu Kingh July 2, at 4: Also find the time to brush on your technical skills. Sukhwinder Singh Electroniics 6, at 5: I was complited diploma ECE. Download previous year question papers and model papers can be download in pdf format below.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Rejaul Dafadar April 7, at Unknown January 21, at Your email address will not be published.

Sagar More January 15, at 7: Rejaul Dafadar March 24, at Drdo exam papers for electronics and communication pdf download Kumar January 23, at What is the total opposition to current in a series RC circuit called a Impedance b Inductance c Reactance d Resistance.

Anonymous March 22, at Aman Sharma July 6, at 4: Junction field effect transistors JFET contain how many diodes a 4 b 3 c 2 d 1. Yamini V February 23, at Plz sir i want syllabus and old electronics diploma based paper of drdo senior technical asistant B.

DRDO Entry Test Electronics and Communication Question 01 – Google Drive

Regular reading of newspapers and magazines is also helpful especially for general knowledge and awareness section. Increase the number of turns of wire on the secondary of a transformer will a Increase the secondary current b Decrease the drso current c Have no effect on the secondary current d Increase the primary current.

Please do prepare the subjects of you respective branches this will make your chances of clearing exam more. ChandraMukhi Danda February 2, at 3: Anonymous March 12, at 1: Raju Babu June 24, at King Luv December 19, at Intekhab August 30, at 3: SIR please send electronics tec-a exam model papers with key for DRDO exam exam date is so please send urgently.

Sir,please send me the syllabus and previous years questions vor sta b in mathematics to my email rejauld gmail. Previos sta b electranics communication previos papers i want.

DRDO CEPTAM 8 Syllabus 2018 Download Previous Model Year Question Paper

Unknown July 4, at Anonymous January 18, at 3: If two resistors are place in series, is the final resistance a Higher b Lower c The same d Cannot be determined. Amulya Sharma Paprrs 14, at 8: At any given time in an intrinsic piece of semiconductor material at room temperature a Electrons drift randomly b Recombination occurs c Holes are created d All of the above. Unknown April 11, at 8: You can also refer other PSU nad as it will given a idea about question.

And suggest me a good book to study.

DRDO entry test Electronics and Communication previous years question papers?

For more information leave a comment here. Below you can find the list of books which you can refer and the author. Please add your suggestion of books in comment box below. Plz send me previous question paper for diploma communicatin in ece.

Plz tell me about syllabus of electronics diploma based paper. Shreeshail Mashanavar March 17, at Sir please send me syllabus for STA B electronics and previous ckmmunication question paper.