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I will totally remember that. Collection cornell ; americana.

Language Log » How NOT to Learn Chinese Characters

If the image of the wooden contraption doesn’t help you, then you can find some other mnemonic which does help you. Although I agree that learning or characters through tortuous mnemonic devices is probably a bad idea, I’m not sure it matters that they are not etymologically correct. Memory Palaces of Matteo Ricci by Jonathan Chinese characters a genealogy and dictionary pdf download shows how Ricci memorized prodigious amounts of characters using memory techniques similar to but not the same as the one described here.

If you’ve got a connected system, a structure of thought, then the bigger and more interconnected it gets the easier it is to learn new things that fit in with it. As someone who has been learning Chinese characters for more then three years now, my sympathies are with anyone who makes the attempt, although to be clear I find it a sometimes fun and always rewarding process.

As for the rebuses, qi2 is not such a stretch from kou3. October 14, 3: Wells Samuel Wells; Fan, Tengfeng. My experience with people doqnload try to rely on arcane mnemonics is that they seldom get beyond several hundred characters using these methods.

Traditional Chinese Characters

The metadata below describe the original scanning. I don’t know enough to fully refute it, but it’s pretty obvious they don’t have a characyers as to how Chinese characters work they never once mentioned a phonetic element in the parts I skimmed through.

The only thing it will do for you is turn your brain into mush.

Scanner Kirtas APT Use of mnemonics does not preclude learning characters or words using etymology or grammar. Some other wonderful books that could aid in doing this are Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: That said, the best way to learn characters, in my experience, is just to write the suckers again and again and again until they chinese characters a genealogy and dictionary pdf download into muscle memory.

Bonus thought though probably expressed somewhere in the above posts: It took great amounts of time geenealogy became even more boring as I knew the character after times to memorize for long, and then if I didn’t continue work on those characters every day, I’d forget it again usually if I glanced at it I would remember it, but I couldn’t chinese characters a genealogy and dictionary pdf download it up.

October 16, 6: Whereas the Matthewses wnd enjoin us to “see how the ‘several trees’ have indeed been felled to make the large ‘machine’ that is taking shape,” this is actually a pictophonetic or semantosyllabic character in which MU4 is the semantic indicator and JI1 not JI3 [“several” is the phonophore. I have just brought the book, i’ve been using mnemonics to remember all sorts of things including chinese characters.

Analysis of Chinese characters

Wouldn’t that suggest that certainly the regionalects are not only speaking chinfse in those certain respects also writing a mutually unintelligible or at least mutually exclusive or “excluded” language in spite of the standard?

I remember learning all sorts of silly mnemonics to remember the genders of German nouns, but it isn’t the same thing as claiming that they were the reason for the grammatical gender. James Henry ; Baller, F.

October 15, I made good inroads into learning German vocab at school using a similar technique. See also the What is the directory structure for the texts?

My fiancee learned Ddownload since she was young, but doesn’t have the largest vocabulary. New Testament, in plain Wenli by Schereschewsky. I think mnemonics are often very helpful.

This is a stupid way to learn hanzi. For me they don’t even work for English. I think the takeaway of the article is that the mnemonics provided in this book are bad mnemonics.

Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, in the Chinese literary language, plain style by Schereschewsky.

One issue is that reading is more forgiving of lower levels of competency than listening is. October 15, 5: I quite agree with John Lawler. So they are still at it?