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Camera User Manual

Touch touch 4 ‘ to choose an effect level, and then touch Your shot remains displayed on the canon elph 320 hs manual pdf download for about two seconds. Before use, make sure t he following items are included inthe package. This product searches for wireless LAN networks in the vicinity and displays the results on the screen.

Turn the camera on. Please note that Canon Inc. You can quickly edit, save, and manage iFrame movies using the included manua. Keep the guide handy for future reference. To zoom in or out quickly, Refer to the instruction manual provided with your smartphone for details. Be careful when erasing images, because they wlph be recovered.

Choose [Edit a Device]. Powershot elph hsIxus hsIxus hs.

To restore the original setting, repeat this process If liquids or foreign objects come into contact with the camera interior, immediately turn the camera off and remove the battery.

Page 12 Safety Precautions Do not aim the camera at bright light canon elph 320 hs manual pdf download such as the sun on a clear day. Choose a mode matching the shooting scene, and the camera will automatically configure the settings for optimal shots.

Use camera-determined settings Auto Mode Be sure to specify the date and time, which is the basis for dates and times added to your images.


See the Camera User Guide for camera dodnload. To turn the camera off, press the [] button Compatible Memory Cards Compatible Memory Cards The following memory cards canon elph 320 hs manual pdf download separately can be used, regardless of capacity. Preparing to Register a Computer Choose [Choose media streaming options Open the cover and press the battery lock in the direction of the arrow.

Apply Web service settings to the camera. Grid lines can be displayed on the screen for vertical and horizontal reference while shooting. Click [Turn on media streaming].

Page 46 For fully automatic selection at optimal settings for specific scenes, simply let the camera determine the subject and shooting conditions. You can wirelessly connect to and send images to the following Wi-Fi capable devices. The f ollowing memory cards sold separately can beused, regardless capacity.

Specific Scenes Shoot evening scenes without using a tripod Handheld NightScene Beautiful shots of evening scenes, created combining consecutive shots to reduce camera shake and image noise. Thread the end of the strap through the strap holeand then pull the other canon elph 320 hs manual pdf download of the strap through the loop on the threaded end Place the strap around your wrist.

It also has an innovative Touch Shutter function that allows you to release the shutter right from the screen. Shooting Mode Press the power button to turn the camera and prepare for shooting. With the smaller plug of the included interface cable p. Once the setting is complete, is displayed. Make sure a white frame is displayed A timeline of images transferred from the camera will be displayed as an index.

Page 14 The camera’s touch-screen panel enables intuitive operation simply by touching or tapping the canon elph 320 hs manual pdf download. Page 25 Trying the Camera Aim the camera atthe subject.

Download Canon PowerShot ELPH HS IXUS HS PDF User Manual Guide

Touch The original image and the Color Accent image are displayed one after another. Continuous Continuous shooting and focusing.

The push button configuration method is used in the following explanation. Remove the memory card. Display Language The display language can be ppdf as needed. Drag Touch the screen and move your finger across This gesture is used in Playback Choose Follow steps 1 – 2 on p.