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Mark Wiens 1 year ago Thank you very much Jim. It is truly amazing. Hey Fel, great to hear from you, thank you for reading. I loved your video. Hey Chad, awesome to hear from you, thank you so much for reading.

Your video and blog is the best on line. Hey Christian, great to hear from you, glad you had such a good experience visiting Istanbul as well.

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It takes about 25mins. I hope it will be soon. So many things to see and do and eat in Istanbul! Glad this brought back some amazing memories. But now it is the time of electronic books and the choices are wider: Definitely a must try for all those who visit Turkey. Mark Wiens doownload year ago Hey Christian, great to hear from you, glad you had such a good experience visiting Istanbul as well.

I have just updated, but they are open everyday. Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering trwvel, details, and where you can eat it. Cevdet 10 months ago what a joy to look at the passion and the smiling eyes.

It is so helpful and informative, and I know how much work you put into this. I went to Istanbul 15 years ago and it seems that the city has changed. You need istanblu see Gaziantep city for exemple. Hussain 1 year ago I love your work, Videos and everything you do. You should be appointed as a Cultural Attache.

Here are all the videos in a playlist, and I put them into this playlist as soon as they are published: Grace 1 year ago I have watched your Istanbul youtube vedio and the food looked so mouth-watering! More travel related information: Husband and I are all set to travel on the last week of November.

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Eg the minarets in Aya Sofia were added later, so it will converted from a christian Church to a mosque. Love your images, very nice looking it made me hungry. Free download Esfahan travel guide – Travel Guide to Esfahan. A good high school friend who has been going to Istanbul every five years for the past umpteen years always regale us with wonderful stories of an exotic yet modern place, where East meets West, full of fun and discoveries that would take a lifetime to enjoy.

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Fel 1 year ago Hi Mark Amazing video, photos and information. Very interesting place and friendly people, you have a good job and a lot of gude but worth it. Open hours — 8: Info on transportation options from airport would be helpful Reply. Situated near the Bazaar, this is the oldest hamam in town and was reputedly built by the master architect Sinan. Thanks so much Mark.

You may have not only a guide from the big brands, but a guide from independent sources as well. If you are going to Sultanahmet area, take the Metro and stop at Zeytinburnu.

Aya Sofya Aya Sofya is a remarkable mixture of Christianity and Islam, a church with minarets and a traveel with pictures of the Virgin Mary. I think, you got a small bite of Turkey. Throughout the country have incredibly delicious tastes. There are a series of boats where the food stalls set up grill the mackerel.